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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Village of DeSoto resident tired of complaints from those north of State Road 44

To the Editor:

Personally am very tired of the articles that highlight complaints about the development south of State Road 44 and the “25 percent” tax increase. This “I’ve got mine, too bad for you” attitude is sad.
Recently read such a comment from a former New Jersey resident. If you think it’s too expensive here in The Villages, move elsewhere and pay less. The taxes we pay here are very reasonable, even with the increase. Didn’t hear any of you complaining for the years when no rate increases were advanced.
If you’d bothered to read the details of what those funds are being used for, you’d find replacement of and new police stations, fire stations, etc. that were needed. I listened to the budget details as presented during the discussion of the rate increases and felt confident that the expenditures were necessary and appropriate.
And a new hospital would be a very welcome addition for all of us. It’s a VERY expensive capital expenditure and one that should be encouraged. The shifting of tax rates to medical facilities and businesses just discourages needed development and will impact all future property values and our safety. Stop this short-sightedness.

Carol Raimer
Village of DeSoto

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