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Friday, May 7, 2021

The straight facts on server shortages

To the Editor:

Excellent letter by Brenda Davis who provided factual wage data for servers which gave the uninformed readers like myself a much clearer understanding of the dilemma. The subject of a lower minimum wage for servers has often been misunderstood (especially by tippers) but Brenda put it all on the table and it provides a much better picture of the facts involved in the decision unemployed servers must make about returning to work. I can also appreciate the problem for restaurant owners who struggle with fixed overhead costs during mandated lower capacity restrictions trying to keep the business viable financially. It helps the public to know all of these facts before judging either side of the issue and the facts should be published in the original article.
Just for the record, I am not a server, restaurant owner nor employee, and never met Brenda. I am a customer who appreciates the many excellent servers and restaurants we have here in the Villages and hope they can come together and resolve this issue to the satisfaction of both parties. In the meantime I also hope customers will be understanding and support servers making this lower minimum wage by thoughtful tipping especially during this difficult time.

Bob Coughlin
Village of Summerchase

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