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Aspiring young race car driver sees dream come true at racetrack

An aspiring young race car driver saw his dream come true at the Original Speedway Park located on Micro Racetrack Road in Fruitland Park.

Trip “Boomer” Roman loves racing but could not reach his full potential.

People at the racetrack decided to work together to outfit the youngster with a quality racer and all the trimmings.

Trip Lynn with his new racer and his biggest fan Wayne Foughty
Trip Lynn with his new racer and his biggest fan Wayne Foughty.

Because everyone loves him, the board at the race track started asking for donations to help Trip get new racing equipment,” said Eva Foughty.

Her husband Wayne took the lead.

Knowing that Trip is a big fan of the famous NASCAR legend Kyle Busch, they wrapped his kart like Kyle’s M&M racing car. They also gave the youngster a helmet with his nickname on it.

With his new racer, he took first place this past Saturday at the racetrack.

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