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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Let’s put the blame on the proper administration

To the Editor:

Why do people continue to blame Trump for the shortage of waitstaff at restaurants?
It was Biden and his administration that gave the second stimulus to workers NOT Trump. Let’s put the blame on the proper administration if you want to blame someone. People who continue to blame Trump must realize he has nothing to do with the decision-making of the new administration. Please leave this now private citizen alone.
I do agree if we can afford to go out to eat, we should not be cheap with leaving the server a tip. They are all trying to make a living. We have been more fortunate to receive a wage we could feed, educate, take vacations and buy a home. Today it is much harder to get ahead in this world with even higher education costs. We all need to pull together and realize we are one America.

Noreen Nevrly
Village of Hillsborough

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