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Saturday, May 8, 2021

You Trump haters got it all wrong again

To the Editor:

Sherree Klein is totally ignorant by blaming Trump for the work shortages due to the insane $600 a week unemployment payments.
The Democratic House proposed the initial bill with the $600 and $1400 per person relief. The Trump administration and Republicans tried to fix it by limiting it to actual wages paid. But the Democrats and foolish Pelosi and mob insisted it was better to give taxpayer dollars away for more votes in future than to be intelligent business people.
For fear of passing nothing, Trump finally signed it after the Republican Senate gave up fighting and approved it.
Then the last relief was also fought by Republicans to decrease the amount and trim the fat but Biden and foolish Schumer did an end-around and passed the bill anyways.
So see Sherree, you Trump haters got it all wrong again. Stop listening to your fake news and hypocritical Democrats and get a life.

Rick Robert
Village of Santiago

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