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Saturday, May 8, 2021

It’s really up to the restaurants

To the Editor:

The way other businesses attract their employees are through competitive wages and benefits. It’s sad to realize that the wages offered don’t compete with unemployment benefits and some people’s solution is to reduce unemployment.
What store do you shop at that you pick up an item on the shelf that has a price tag and you walk up to the register and are expected to pay some type of surcharge so the store owner can pay the cashier a wage?
The prices on the menu should reflect a restaurant’s true costs based on fixed overhead, the food, preparation and service! Pay a competitive wage and stop trying to hide the true cost of a meal out.
A tip or “gratuity” should be at the digression of the customer and given (or not) based on the quality of the service.  One thing I do agree on is once you as a patron, know the “true” price if you can’t afford it stay home but it’s not the consumer or government’s job to solve this problem! It’s between restaurant management and their employees and no-one else. If there’s blame, it lays there.

Pete Seidner
Village of Sunset Pointe

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