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Friday, December 2, 2022

Leftists and socialists taking over the education system in America

To the Editor:

At one time many people from other countries came to America to get the best available education together with American students.
Sadly, although there are many good teachers within the “Education Systems” in America getting a good education is no longer possible. The American education system is no longer providing a world class education as measured by numerous studies and polls. The leftists, socialists, communists and other anti-Americans are now driving the bus over the cliff to the disaster level today. Far too many “schools” are not open at all. Too many schools “teach” little to no American History and values but a lot on socialism, communism, institutional racism and sexual education and more.
The time is now to end the pain. Here are the steps that must happen to begin to right the ship of American education.
Ban unions in the public sector.
Eliminate the Federal Department of Education.
Require each County in each State to be responsible for the education of their children.
Require 100 percent school choice for all Americans.
Today the choices for an education are:
1. Home school
2. Private School
3. Charter School
4. Public Sector schools where indoctrination not education is the norm.

William Francis
Del Webb Spruce Creek

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