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Sunday, June 13, 2021

China is the real culprit in world pandemic

To the Editor:

I’ve been reading the Letters to the Editor and I see constant back and forth between red and blue. Isn’t it time for “The Red, White and Blue” to focus on the real culprit? CHINA.
Good evidence points to this country allowing travel out of Wuhan directed at Europe and America. Millions dead, economies crashed all over the world, and where is the blame? Where is the retribution? Where is the world embargo?
Had this been under Teddy Roosevelt’s reign, the U.S. would have declared all out “economic” war with China. Red and Blue Americans alike and today, all U.S. leaders need to hold China accountable!
This was no accident, and it’s time to unify this country and fight the REAL enemy, China!

Dr. Tyler Nelson
Village of Rio Grande


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