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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Help our heroes

To the Editor:

Samsung has been running a little advertised Hero Program for all first responders and support staff. It ends June 20.
UNREAKIFIX stores in The Villages is participating.
If any Hero, including nursing home and long care facilities and support staff, has any broken tech items (check the list on-line), now is the time for repairs.
Go to Samsung.com and search the menu for Hero.
A cracked glass on your phone, iPad, tablet, computer screen, tv, can be fixed for $49. Usually the repair would be $300.
I wanted to thank the receptionist at the Cancer Center who had broken the screen on her new Samsung Galaxy – which she still owed payments on.
I took her phone in and mentioned it was for a hospital essential worker. Gerald immediately informed me about the program. My friend spent a few minutes on line and was provided a ticket number and appointment to have the repairs done today.
It’s a great way to thank a Hero with more than a banner. Most of our Heroes, especially the support staff, are under payed. Spread the word and if you want to do more than put up a banner, why not stop at UBREAKIFIX and leave your name and phone number. Should a Hero drop in let Gerad know you’ll pick up the bill.

LaVonne Joyce
Village of Bonnybrook


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