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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Leave the little white crosses alone

To the Editor:

I think that there are certain things that “The Villages” should keep their noses out of.
The cross indicates a belief in our Lord God. To wage a “war” over this sacred institution that is meant to share love, kindness, mercy, grace, etc. is despicable. I don’t agree at all with the thought if there is one complaint then you have to remove it even if there are others in other yards in the same area.
To me it is obvious, some ignorant neighbor has a bug up his butt with another neighbor and decides to use this tool to irritate him. And the “Wonderful, Florida’s Friendliest Hometown” known as The Villages, lets them get away with it.
This place has been ruined due to greed and huge egos. If we could move we would move in an instant, unfortunately these things take time. The Villages has broken many promises, (build out in 2010, grandfathered caps set on amenity fees, and yes, Florida’s Friendliest Hometown.)
But as a Christian I know that God is watching and I take comfort in that.

Melissa Kryman
Village of Piedmont


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