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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Expression of religious preference can be divisive

To the Editor:

Personally, I find a person’s expression of his/her religious preference in front yards to be divisive to a friendly community. After all, we are a community in a country of varied faiths or no faiths just as our forefathers intended our freedoms to be. It is none of my business what your faith is or isn’t and I find it insulting that someone assumes everyone should know and agree with your own religious preference. Historically a white cross in one’s yard was a symbol of racist hatred and all that it implies. Think about the KKK. To me, the white cross is just as repugnant as a Nazi swastika. In a more informed community, the more civilized approach is to keep your religion and politics to yourself and we will all get along.

Carole Carver
Village of Santo Domingo


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