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Legal war on little white cross reprehensible

To the Editor:

As a homeowner in The Villages/The Village of Silver Lake, I find this “legal war” reprehensible, totally against my impression of the policies of The Villages, as well as un-Constitutional.
Reprehensible because there is no rational reason for anyone to start such action against another person. Are these parties just seeking frivolous legal actions for stirring up problems? Are they trying to start a trend for others to start “copycat” actions throughout other sections of The Villages? Are they trying to cause division between all residents of The Villages? (To split relationships within this community/city/county of The Villages?)
I do not recall any section of any of the many, many papers on which my signature was required in order to become a homeowner and resident of The Villages that stated I could not display a cross, or even any religious symbol in my yard. The obvious exception would be if it were some large view blocking, very unattractive object. Almost every yard I have seen in The Villages has at least one of these little white crosses. I have one also and would fight having someone tell me it had to be removed or else find myself in the cross hairs of a legal battle.
UnConstitutional because that most revered piece of American History specifically includes the freedom of speech and the freedom to worship. However it doesn’t include the right to tell someone that they can be tried and found guilty for having a different opinion. In this current time shouldn’t we be trying for unity rather than causing more derision and division of people.
My hope and prayer is that this divisive action can and will be settled quickly, without animosity, and helping us all (not just those directly involved) remember what is truly important during this time and in the years to come.

Helene Suter
Village of Silver Lake


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