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Monday, July 26, 2021

Standing up for the little white cross

To the Editor:

I’m appalled at all of the complaints there have been over the little (little) white crosses that have been placed in the yards. These people that have reported the crosses have WAY to much time on their hands and need to get a life by first placing a little cross in their yard.
Just maybe their attitude would change a bit if they would know and understand the meaning and history behind the cross. But to be sued is not the answer. Every yard need a white cross today with our country in the mess it is in.
Removing the white cross is controlling our PERSONAL feeling and controlling our choice behind the meaning why we choose to place a cross in our yard. We who have a cross in our yard in The Villages are trying to get a message across, especially now. In 2021 we all need to wake up.

Sharon Lewis
Village of Alhambra


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