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Letter writer should reconsider attack on former President Trump over Cuba

Dear Editor:

Democrat leader Manny Diaz’s recent letter is as surprising as it is inaccurate. He alludes to his parents being political prisoners which makes me believe they may be residents of communist Cuba.
If Mr. Diaz is Cuban, his opinion stated is in the vast minority of other Cubans living in the United States. Most Cubans voted for President Trump and helped him carry Florida. They believe the opposite of Mr. Diaz and think President Trump did more to help Cubans than any prior president. Mr Diaz’s party leader, President Biden ,had to be shamed into even mentioning the plight Cubans are currently experiencing. He has done nothing to help the Cubans.
Mr. Diaz included false information about President Trump being soft on Putin.
This is documentedly false and he was much tougher on Putin than Obama or Biden. I suggest Mr. Diaz reconsider his attack on a past president and work on trying to get President Biden to help his people being crushed by Communism in Cuba.

Larry Moran
Village of Mallory Square


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