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Monday, September 20, 2021

Masks should be worn when it makes sense

To the Editor:

Before COVID-19 we had something called the flu. Every season some people got vaccinated, some people didn’t. Some never showed symptoms. Some got sick, the overwhelming majority with unpleasant but passing effects. In rare instances some died. We accepted the natural progression of herd immunity. We studied viruses and improved vaccines. We didn’t lock down millions of people and shutdown the economy. Rather, we protected the vulnerable: the elderly, the chronically ill and others with compromised immune systems. Among those already sick, flu was considered a catalyst but not the proximate cause of death. And so it should be with COVID-19, but with new precautions: If you’re sick, stay home or at least wear a mask when out. Wear a mask around vulnerable people. Encourage improved health to improve immune systems. Require vaccinations in high risk scenarios. Refer to scientists for advice, but allow only elected officials to make policy.

Ted Seastrom
Village of Citrus Grove/Kayla Villas


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