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Monday, September 20, 2021

Don’t blame Gov. DeSantis

Dear Editor:

In reference to Mr Alain Morin’s letter whereby he blames Gov. DeSantis for the spike in COVID I have the following observations:
1: this is an obvious hit piece on the Governor designed to diminish him in advance of an election. Mr Morin’s data is cherry picked and misleading .
2: Morin places the blame on The Governor when it accurately resides with
A) those who refuse to get vaccinated
B) illegal immigrants covid positive being dumped into our communities by the Biden administration
C) by transients moving to Florida from other states because they don’t like the lockdown in Blue States.
3: a study released yesterday by John Elfein proved that Mr. Morin’s assertion that “ Ron DeSantis, is the man currently responsible for Florida recording more Covid-19 cases than any other state. . . “
This is patently false. In fact the blue state of California is the highest Covid ravaged state. Mr. Morin should get his facts straight before he writes his hit piece.
4: Our Governor is not responsible: The communist Chinese who kept Covid secret until too late is to blame. President Biden who is transplanting Covid positive illegal aliens into our communities is responsible. Anti-Vax people who refuse to vaccinate are responsible.
Mr. Morin’s intentions are not based on concern for the public but are aimed at the next election to diminish the governor’s chances for re-election. It won’t work Mr. Morin.

Larry Moran
Village of Mallory Square


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