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159 more single-family homes at Beaumont development to be built near The Villages

A special magistrate has given her blessing to a plan for an additional 159 single-family homes planned at the Beaumont development on County Road 466A in Wildwood.

The dotted lines show the next phases of development
The dotted lines show the next phases of development of the Beaumont development of single-family homes.

Special Magistrate Lindsay C.T. Holt at a planning and zoning board meeting Tuesday afternoon at Wildwood City Hall approved the final plat for Phases 2 and 3 of the development planned by KPL Villages LLC. Many of the homes will back up to the Village of Tamarind Grove.

The Beaumont development is located across from Pinellas Plaza and next door to the Trailwinds Village development.

The special magistrate also signed off on the 182 units of the Villas at Wildwood to be constructed at the southwest corner of County Road 462 and County Road 134.  The developer of that project is Luxury Leased Homes USA.

The dotted lines show the planned location of the Villas at Wildwood
The dotted lines show the planned location of the Villas at Wildwood.

The special magistrate’s favorable recommendations for the projects will be considered by the Wildwood Commission at a future date.

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