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The Villages
Sunday, December 10, 2023

Gov. DeSantis is not doing the work to protect Floridians from COVID-19

Miles Zaremski

Within the last day or so, the state’s governor claimed that Florida will remain a “free” state with liberty for all (or words to that effect) and he does not care a “bleep” what our country’s current president has to say about Florida or him.

Yes, our area, in fact central Florida, is more red than blue (but “red” continues to lighten in color), but when it comes to the health and safety of our children and our grandchildren – and Villagers have scores of grandchildren no doubt – their well-being takes precedent over notions of individual freedom and liberty.

This is the underpinning, for example, of the legal doctrine known as “parens patriae”, where the state acts through a court to protect a child who needs a blood transfusion, but the parents, for religious or other grounds, refuse to have it provided by medical personnel.

So, if the governor believes he is acting as the “parent”, legislatively, for the citizens of the Sunshine State by placing liberty over health and safety of our children, then those of us that know better must step in, speak up, and act. Certainly we see that occurring in at least two school districts in state counties, Duval and Alachua. Residents of The Villages should believe no differently. Mr. Governor, if you do not care a bleep about Mr. Biden and the CDC’s most recent edict on masking indoors, schools included, then perhaps it is best you seek employment outside of either state or federal employment.

Miles Zaremski is a resident of the Village of Dunedin.

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