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Monday, September 27, 2021

Welsh and other things

Barry Evans
Barry Evans

The other day a good friend sent me one of those “Did you know” emails.  It discussed the fact that in some big U.S. cities there are certain nationalities with a bigger population than in any city in their home country.  He only mentioned three.  Naturally, I inquired about the Welsh and asked if there was a city like that in the U.S. which had more Welsh than in a city in Wales.  Naturally, he didn’t know, and there is a good reason for that.  The Welsh didn’t just move anywhere and they didn’t clump together.  Rather the Welsh were very cautious in their selected living communities. They went all over the U.S. and settled in cities where they could live quietly while doing good deeds for their fellow man.  They were quiet pillars of their communities.

Also, further proof of their natural niceness lies in the fact that no one has ever heard of Welsh mobs or mobsters.  Even back in the last century when the FBI was putting out public enemy lists you never saw any that said be on the lookout for Gareth “Scarface” Llewellyn, Delwyn “Pretty Boy” Jones or even Ed “Two Fingers” Williams.  The Welsh also are very respectful of their mothers. They would never call their mother “Ma”.  Perhaps, if really put out they might call her “Mom”. Consequently, you would never read about Mother Thomas and her misguided sons in a gun battle with the FBI up Ocklawaha way.  The Welsh are calm folks although they did get quite agitated at the English who kept trying to take over their country.  The point is that the city with the most Welsh folks is not in the U.S. or anyplace else, but still in Cardiff.

Since we have been discussing a “Did you know” category, I might ask if you knew that Amazon has an author’s page if you have published a book with them.  It will even print your photo and bio on the page.  It gives you information such as where your book stands in their popularity area – that is, the number of books you have sold compared to others.  I clicked to find out where my “Musings from Life in The Villages” stood.  I was delighted to find that I was number 2,239,661.  It is true that I do have a way to go to make the best seller list, but I figure that James Patterson has about a million of the books in front of me and he will eventually get tired of writing.  I will just have to inch along.  I bet if two folks would buy my book for some reason that I could easily move up to 2,239,660 which is a good start.  Authors have to be optimistic!

Some of you may have seen on television last week that a giant yellow rubber ducky suddenly appeared in a Maine harbor.  I received questions as to whether this was the missing Ludwig.  Unfortunately, it was not him.  Ludwig is bigger that his dad, Ludlow, but not that big!  However, due to a certain identification mark on the giant ducky in Maine, it has been identified as Ludwig’s younger brother, Larry. Larry has not been seen for some time.  He was adopted by Womandrake the Magician and no one has seen him since. He wasn’t that big either so perhaps Womandrake has cast a spell on him.  Perhaps!  As to Ludwig, rumor has it that he was spotted floating down the Savannah River near Augusta, Ga.  How he could have made it to there from the Withlacoochee is not known.  However, I hope to find out soon as The Blonde in the House is getting impatient. 

She is not Welsh, but Irish!

Villager Barry Evans is a columnist for Villages-News.com

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