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Monday, September 27, 2021

More biased and shameful reporting

To the Editor:

The Villages Daily Sun is at it again with Sunday’s article. What started as a fairly well written article over public safety concerns, exposed itself to it’s true purpose, the bashing of our new commissioners. This truly biased and twisted piece attacking the only three elected officials truly looking out for the citizens of Sumter County was deplorable. They are the only three not in bed with the Developer (the Boss) and trying to do the fair and honest thing.
Wouldn’t it be nice if just once the Daily Sun would acknowledge that the EMS team was elected in a landslide because the previous good ole boy commissioners betrayed the citizens with a 28.6 percent tax increase (in my case)? And the obvious purpose was taking money out of my pocket and placing it in the Boss’s pocket.
And again the Daily Sun is attacking the EMS team for trying to rectify this unfair tax increase and make impact fees more realistic. They tried, but again, we were betrayed by Rep. Hage and Senator Baxley, who are even deeper in bed with the Boss.
Where is the outrage from the Daily Sun against this massive tax increase and betrayal of our elected officials? There never was and never will be. What a truly shameful publication.

Luke Courtemanche
Haciendas of Mission Hills

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