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Friday, January 21, 2022

Americans need to stop buying Chinese products

To the Editor:

NIKE, the clothing manufacturer, the brand worn by the NFL , NBA, Olympians, and the general public are made in China. Aren’t we told to buy American?
Why are people like sheep? China is one of our biggest enemies and we send them millions of dollars to manufacture our clothing.
I had a friend in Melbourne, Florida. When a basketball player endorsed the product, he gathered all his NIKE products and threw them in the garbage. Smart man!
When are Americans going to get smart and not be followers, but leaders and not promote a product made in China, a country that is hacking your computer information among other atrocities?
Get smart people, carry the torch! Let the companies, distributers, know your dissatisfaction, and sports leagues also. BUY American, or your children/grandchildren might be working in a sweatshop for NIKE\China.

Anthony Rizzo
Village of Alhambra


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