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Monday, September 27, 2021

Should we pay for our mistakes?

To the Editor:

A fair enough question. But is it really? Should we make others pay for our mistakes? At this point the majority of those reading this would agree. No one else should pay for our mistakes. If one truly believes in that then those same individuals should agree that the unborn have a “right” to a say in the matter of abortion. The embryo, fetus, unborn is a person! Yet who is speaking up in their defense of the death sentence their mother declares without a trial? Yes, I know that for some, a pregnancy can be very inconvenient but why should a baby die for the poor choice of its mother? Why should we allow babies to die for their mother’s “mistake”? For the sake of “convenience”?
There are those who will bring up the matter of rape, incest etc. Yes, those situations happen but the question remains, why murder the baby?
The baby made no mistake; has done nothing wrong and yet, is paying the ultimate price of death.

Joseph Kibitlewski, PhD
Spruce Creek South


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