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Monday, September 27, 2021

President Biden’s performance is nothing short of brilliant

To the Editor:

Larry Moran is at it again, just a day early though. Two hundred Americans were flown out of Afghanistan today. Qatar Airlines flight took them to Doha. Yes, it was wise to leave the endless war, yes, it was wise to do the best under the circumstances and get majority of Americans out before all the troops pulled out.
The military equipment left in Afghanistan will be no good in six months without spare parts and maintenance. Afghanistan is land locked, very hilly terrain. This equipment was probably driven into Afghanistan through Pakistan over the last 20 years under four presidents. Logistics of bringing this equipment back were mind boggling. That is probably why Trump only signed the agreement with the Taliban to withdraw but never went through the actual withdrawal from Afghanistan. The blame lies with the mistakes made over 20 years starting with going into Afghanistan in the first place. The British left in 1928, the Russians left in 1988. We should have known from the start that this was a no-win situation. There was no way to be successful in an area that had already been tested by two major world powers.
Now look at where we are, the endless war has ended, the first time jobless claims are at a pre-pandemic low of 5,814 in Florida and less than 310,000 nationally. This is almost full employment and the jobless claims represent people in between jobs. The stock market is at a record high, future looks bright.
Yes, President Biden’s performance is nothing short of brilliant.

Ashok Marwah
Village of Belvedere


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