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Monday, September 20, 2021

Domestic terrorists are the real threat to our nation

To the Editor:

With yet another dangerous domestic terrorist D.C. “rally” looming on Sept. 18, on 9/11, we remembered a foreign terrorist attack on America. Former President Bush spoke and warned us that domestic terrorists are the same as foreign terrorists saying they are “of the same foul spirit” with no regard for human life or respect for our institutions.
I would add all of those defending or making excuses for the Jan. 6 attack on our capital are in the same category of domestic terrorists. Those on these pages who promote conspiracy theory and lies; who denigrate and disrespect our institutions and our country are as guilty of domestic terrorism as those who attended Jan. 6.
Those who defy our medical experts and public health scientists recommendations for mask wearing indoors and refuse vaccination with false claims of constitutional freedom are guilty of infecting fellow citizens and extending the pandemic causing additional hospitalizations and deaths. True patriots and lovers of true freedom in America have a responsibility to call out these domestic terrorists, anti-American, anti-science and irresponsible citizens. They can no longer soothe themselves that they have any true integrity or sense of moral right because they are bereft of all and deserve our scorn and exclusion. It is human nature to desire belonging and community.
Other groups, sects, and communities practice ostracism for those in their community who violate their norms and customs. Anti-American anti-government domestic terrorists and anti-science, anti-mask, anti-vaccine promoters richly deserve ostracism.

Leo Wallace
Village of Poinciana


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