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Extract Wellness offers beginner’s guide to getting started with CBD

Have questions about CBD? What product, how much do I take, how much is it – Where do I begin? We have answers for you on our various products and include real customer reviews to help you make the decision for a positive change in your life. Use the following guide and customer comments to select the right products and dosage to try on your issue.


First, the people you are trusting to help make the positive change to your life with CBD – Extract Wellness. Extract Wellness is ‘All things CBD’! From our Kentucky Hemp Farm to our 3rd party testing, and even our packaging with Support’s famous handmade bows wrapping each bottle, the company oversees all aspects of quality control.

Sweetbrier Farm was one the first farms to receive a hemp license in Kentucky. Being at the forefront in formulating our products since 2017 has ensured the absolute best quality on the market. By the way, Sweetbrier Farm is owned by Rick Dees, best known for “Rick Dees Weekly Top 40” (also known as “The Weekly Top 40”), the #1 radio countdown show in history (think ‘Disco Duck’!). 

Easy Ordering

Easy ordering process, fast shipping. Can’t think of one thing that could improve service. Excellent company!!” 

You can also call the Support line at 502-398-6446 and order on the phone. They will help with product answers, too.


Our Family Pets

Suggested Product: Pet Advantage 500mg

Suggested Dosage: 1ml per day in the evening

Our ‘Pet Advantage Full Spectrum CBD’ may be beneficial with all of the following:

  • Bring on Better Behavior – (incessant barking, aggressive behavior, attention seeking)
  • Alone Times – May relieve separation anxiety when our pets must be left alone while you’re out for extended periods of time
  • May make Pain and Aging Easier – Possible relief through the effect of CBD for arthritis, stomach issues and more
  • Calming in Stressful situations – Fearing the unfamiliar, loud noises, riding in a car, vet visits…

“Without the CBD oil our 14 year old Pekingese would have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He has lots of arthritis in his hips, and he has dementia We tried the prescription drugs from the veterinary clinic which only made his dementia more pronounced. His veterinary told us about CBD oil for pets. We ordered it, and we couldn’t believe the positive changes it has made for our boy.” https://www.trustpilot.com/reviews/610c1746f9f48709d4c92086

Sleep and Anxiety 

Suggested Product: CBD Hemp Oil / Full Spectrum / 1500mg

Suggested Dosage: 1ml per day ½ hour before bed

Increased calm, pain relief, better focus, and healthier sleep are just a few of the benefits people enjoy from CBD intake. The main benefit of CBD is that it strengthens the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is a part of your body that is responsible for ensuring you are running safely and smoothly. Like many other parts of the body, it runs less and less efficiently with age. Sleep, appetite, digestion, motor control, immune functionality, pain, memory, and mood are all assisted and depend on the smooth functioning of the endocannabinoid system. Read what our customers say:

“I’ve been buying from Exact wellness for over a year now. I trust this product. It was recommended to me from my Arthritis Doc. I use the 1500mg. That works best for. I’m off all my Arthritis Meds. My dogs even take the CBD oil. I won’t let myself run out. So I watch for the sales. This is a great oil to take.https://www.trustpilot.com/reviews/60722d47f85d75087054eba8

“I suffer from chemotherapy neuropathy. My Pain Management Dr recommended the Hemp Extract 1500 MG. I was skeptical but it has made a huge difference. I now get a better night’s sleep. I’ve started using the Hemp Salve and it’s unbelievable how it reduces the pain in my feet. I HIGHLY recommend this company and it’s products. If you do your research for reputable products, this company checks all the boxes.” https://www.trustpilot.com/reviews/60910becf9f4870a786dac74

Extract Wellness
Extract Wellness

Pain and Arthritis

Suggested Product: CBD Hemp Salve / 500mg (Topical areas: hands, feet, etc)

Suggested Dosage: Rub a small amount into problem areas until absorbed as needed.

Suggested Product: CBD Hemp Oil / Full Spectrum / 3000mg (Neurological, internal)

Suggested Dosage: 1ml per day ½ hour before bed

“My podiatrist recommended that I try Extract Wellness salve on my feet for neuropathy. He specifically named this brand. When I have a bad neuropathy night, I slather the salve on my feet and put on warm socks. It works wonders for me. Believe it when you hear that not all hemp products are the same. Extract Wellness is the only one I’ve tried that works for me. Another perk: the shipping is very fast. It ALWAYS arrives 2-3 days after I order online. And I order often! I love the scent of the Apple Crisp. And the salve is always neatly packed with a little note. Thanks so much for making my life a little better, Extract Wellness!” https://www.trustpilot.com/reviews/6042e01df85d75064c39091a

“I have been taking full spectrum CBD… My husband takes the THC free version, because of his job, for the last two years. I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS), rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative disc disease, and a slipped and torn C-2. My husband has back issues, arthritis, damaged rotator cuff, and a few other small issues….. Within the first 3 days of taking Extract Wellness, all of our symptoms became less than a whisper of what they had been… I completely and totally recommend Extract Wellness, both the Full Spectrum and the THC Free oils.

“I’ve been using the 1500mg full spectrum for several month’s. It’s takes the edge off of my pain and other symptoms from other health issues I have. They ship super fast even all through Covid. I ordered the pet 250 mg for my Boxer. His arthritis meds jumped sky high. Since I’ve found relief. Why not try on him to see if it helps. About the packaging… I feel like I’ve gotten a gift. It’s signed by the person that packed it. The bottles are wrapped nice with little strings and bows. Every bottle has arrived perfect. Now my husband and father in law use it now. Helps my dad’s Parkinson’s. His shaking isn’t nearly as bad as it was. So thank you very much for making your products affordable as well.”

SUPPORT – Knowledge Base of the Company

I’ve been buying their CBD full spectrum oil for a couple of years. The quality, the service, the regular price (but oh when there’s coupon deals it’s even better!) are top notch. My orders generally ship quick too. They take great care to pack your order securely.”

Greg is incredible!!! He is so knowledgeable!!! I am so thankful for Extract Wellness CBD oil and gummies…” https://www.trustpilot.com/reviews/600f39c8679d97040c5123d7   

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