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Friday, October 15, 2021

We could put our country in a much better place

To the Editor:

My fellow Villager, Larry Moran, in a recent Letter to the Editor, claims that Biden should not be forgiven for the disastrous military exit from Afghanistan costing 13 more military deaths as a result. The loss of the 13 was indeed tragic, as tragic as any previous military loss in the 20-year war. Those who serve in the military take a solemn oath swearing allegiance to the constitution with a check that includes payment “up to and including one’s life.” For that sacrifice, we rightly extol, celebrate, and praise their individual sacrifice, particularly those who gave their very life. Those who do and die aren’t looking for the reason because their reason is to do and die in service of something greater than themselves. They put their political preferences aside and promise each other: “ I got your back.” All authentic patriots should abide by this virtue of total self-service to each other. This would put our country in a much better place.
My final thought, President’s Bush, Obama’s, and Trump should also ask for forgiveness, if Mr. Moran demands forgiveness of Biden. I won’t hold my breath.

Michael MacDonald
Village of Virginia Trace


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