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Why I still support Donald Trump

David Gee
David Gee

Having attended and listened to several Donald Trump rallies, including The Villages event, below are my personal reasons for why, I and our Board continue to stand with Mr. Trump.

1. His comments, our rights come from God. Mr. Trump clearly appreciates what true Christians embrace, i.e. God made man for a reason, not that man made God.

2. He clearly acknowledges that we are a nation of laws, and he encourages all to be subject to laws, regardless of their true feelings of the same.

3. Mr. Trump fully recognizes the Constitution of the United States and gives proper credit to those men that broke from British rule and settled in America, as framing our constitution with Biblical values.

4. Mr. Trump fully believes in reducing our national debt, not adding to it.

5. Mr. Trump supported cutting business and personal taxes and had a plan to still balance our budget.

6. Mr. Trump, clearly puts forth that marriage is one man and one woman.

7. Our Villagers for Trump Club board and members have supported the position that we will only support those candidates that Mr. Trump endorses, and that includes our great Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis.

Villager David Gee is founder and president of Villagers for Trump, which is now nearing 5,000 members.

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