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Villager wants larger garage door to accommodate his big pickup

A Village of Antrim Dells resident wants a larger garage door to accommodate his big pickup truck.

Terry Hovanec is planning to retire this year and will become a full-time resident at his home at 3867 Fenster Lane. The Crown Point, Ind. resident and his wife purchased the property in 2015 for $335,300.

However, Hovanec needs to make a change to the garage to accommodate his full-size pickup.

“My truck with mirrors folded-in requires a 9’ width for the truck to pass through,” Hovanec wrote in a letter of appeal to the Community Development District 10 Board of Supervisors.

It’s a villa and the rules of CDD 10 state that the garage door cannot be wider than 8 feet. Hovanec originally wanted a 10-foot garage door, but now has indicated he can live with a 9-foot door. His villa is at the end of Fenster Lane, therefore the location makes his request a bit unique.

The Architectural Review Committee sent Hovanec back to CDD 10.

“I would like to house my truck in the garage rather than the street. This will keep a better appearance for my home and my neighbors,” Hovanec wrote.

He did not attend Thursday’s CDD 10 meeting at SeaBreeze Recreation Center.

CDD 10 Chairman Don Wiley said he thought Hovanec’s request could be accommodated and other requests could be addressed on a case-by-case basis. However, accommodating the request would require a revision to CDD 10’s ARC manual and would open up the possibility of wider garage doors to villa owners in a similar situation.

“If we change the manual, then anyone that met the guidelines could do it,” said Supervisor Steve Bova.

Supervisor Jim Boyd also expressed reservations.

“Even though the resident’s plan looks good on that particular piece of property, I would be concerned about a mismatch,” Boyd said.

Headed for an apparent 2-2 deadlock due to the absence of Supervisor Ken Lieberman, the board agreed to temporarily set aside the request, but could take it up at a future meeting.

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