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Friday, December 3, 2021

Lady Lake hopes to negotiate for more money for police from The Villages

Lady Lake officials are hoping to negotiate for more money from The Villages for police protection.

The Town of Lady Lake is in a 30-year agreement in which The Villages provides $100,000 annually to subsidize the Lady Lake Police Department.

The agreement began in 1994, when The Villages was much smaller and before it began to dominate the Town of Lady Lake.

Today, the cost to the Town of Lady Lake for the law enforcement service provided for The Villages is estimated to be more like $185,000 per year.

The current agreement runs through 2024.

“We will have to renegotiate, and be cautious. Thirty years ago it seemed like a lot of money. Now it’s costing us almost twice as much,” said Town Manager William Lawrence, who has a background in law enforcement.

He has advised taking a soft approach with The Villages

“You can catch a lot more bees with honey,” Lawrence said.

A number of arrests by the Lady Lake Police Department are made within the boundaries of The Villages, including Spanish Springs Town Square.

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