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Friday, December 3, 2021

Florida’s surgeon general should resign immediately

To the Editor:

It is a rare day when I agree with Senate President Wilton Simpson, but he was correct in calling Dr. Ladapo’s conduct ‘unprofessional.’ In my estimation, it was worse than that. His failure to acquiesce to Senator Polsky’s simple request to wear a mask while visiting her office showed a callous disregard for the delicate state of her health. As surgeon general of our state, he has a responsibility to model the highest standards of professionalism and ethics in his profession. His behavior in this instance represents the very opposite of that.
Florida deserves a surgeon general that follows the science, not one who validates vaccine hesitancy and anti-masking sentiment. It also deserves one who is willing to put aside his own controversial beliefs to accommodate the health needs of those who are at risk from serious illness or death due to this terrible pandemic. He has proven unfit on both accounts. For that reason, I am calling for Dr. Ladapo to resign immediately. Barring that, Gov. DeSantis should withdraw his nomination. If neither of those things happen, I call for the state Senate to reject his nomination when the Legislature convenes in January.

Manny Diaz
Florida Democratic Party chairman


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