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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Medicare Advantage mess

To the Editor:

As a retired employee of a health insurance company, I am finding out more on the subject and I do not like it. From 2013, still working, Medicare became my primary payor due to ESRD. I worked to retirement last year at 71. I fell, did not break anything but was in and out of CCF and SNFS. All billed Medicare as primary and my employer secondary. EXCEPT one village idiot who billed Advantage and billed me $818, copay. REALLY!! They even took me to small claims court!! All the facilities I dealt with in Parma incorrectly billed Advantage instead of Medicare as they should have. Ambulance, inpatient care, dialysis. Billing ME!! It is now open enrollment and I will change. It costs me $68.10 per month, now. After 33 years of employment, mainly auditing Medicare claims, I need to look further.

Joane Johnson
Cleveland, Ohio


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