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Trio arrested in vehicle burglaries after caught on video surveillance

Jeffrey Alexander Turner
Jeffrey Turner Jr.
Spencer Lee Shaffner
Spencer Lee Shaffner
Dakota Brown
Dakota Brown

Three Summerfield suspects have been arrested in connection with vehicle burglaries after they were tracked down thanks to video surveillance.

The trio had been at the Wawa in Belleview in October when they decided to “car hop” in Summerfield, according to arrest reports from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

The trio tried door handles of vehicles and because some vehicles were unlocked, they took a Vera Bradley purse, a wallet, a SunTrust checkbook, tools, a book bag, a woman’s notebook with account passwords and other items.

Video images led to the arrest of three suspects:

• 18-year-old Dakota Henry Arthur Brown

• 19-year-old Spencer Lee Shaffner

  23-year-old Jeffrey Alexander Turner Jr.

A man who is Brown’s stepfather and Shaffner’s father saw the video surveillance which showed the teens’ involvement in the vehicle burglaries. The pair’s “long curly hair” helped identify them on the surveillance.

Brown and Shaffner agreed to talk to detectives. Brown said he was celebrating his 18th birthday by drinking with the other two suspects when they decided to commit the car burglaries. Spencer specifically admitted to taking a bag of tools from a vehicle.

Information the pair provided led to Turner’s arrest.

All three suspects were booked at the Marion County Jail on charges including burglary and theft.

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