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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Let’s defeat COVID-19 and get back to living our lives

To the Editor:

Many people in this country, today, think that they are fighting for freedom by not getting vaccinated. That the government should not get involved in people’s personal choices. This idea is even more strongly expressed in some peoples refusal to wear masks when mandated.
But there is wrong thinking, you could almost say unGodly thinking, going on here. It’s not the fight for freedom that matters but rather what you fight freedom for. We do not have the freedoms that allow a person to kill another, rape whoever he wishes, or even kill himself. That is how important life is.
The fight that was fought by our Founding Fathers : “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among those are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. All governments throughout history have provided some type of life for their citizens, otherwise if there are no citizens there is no need for government. Some governments have sacrificed some of their citizens, mistakenly in the belief that it would benefit their nation. Other governments have foolishly thought they were wiser (dictator or ruling committee) than their citizens and have dictated how their citizens are to live. Our Founding Fathers have created the best government so far on earth, a representative democracy, however it is a flawed government because human beings are flawed and many in government put self-interest first. Our government can be improved upon, if it is done with “Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness” as guiding principles and politicians put country ahead of self-interest.
A citizen’s real purpose in society is to learn how to live life and live it more abundantly. And if a citizen is drawn to government service, it should be with these principles only in mind. True public servants should have no other vested interests, not even to his family when he is performing governmental work. (Easier said than done.)
We have a two-party democracy and for some reason the current generation is distorting its functioning. There is no perfect citizen, for we all have sinned and until we die we all will be inclined to sin. In times past this two party system worked almost like a husband and wife. They had disagreements and differing views but it was always for the common good and in the end they came together in compromise to further the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Now we are a house divided and as the old saying goes “a house divided can not stand. Forces of death are at work that want to destroy our country in the name of freedom.
You patriots out there in our citizenry, remember the past, the past traditions of our Country, remember WWII. We joined that war to fight evil and save Life. We all joined together as a nation, mobilized, and did our best for victory. All our citizens joined in and with God’s help and grace we were victorious. Let this Country be victorious again. There is an evil in this world and its name is Covid, a friend of death. Let us mobilize and get our country fully vaccinated (unless medical reasons prevent it), be patriotic and fight for your Country in this matter.
Our government (CDC) issues mask mandates and social distancing and mandatory vaccinations as they see fit to combat Covid. They accelerated the production of a Life saving vaccine. The government saw the light at the end of the tunnel and told citizens if they were fully vaccinated they didn’t have to wear masks in certain situations. Then the Delta variant of Covid came and the government had to revise its guidelines. Why? Because they are trying to preserve life and the functioning of our country.
Let us set up a monument, after we win this war against Covid, for all those few people who have or will die because of taking the vaccine in their service to their Country. These brave citizens got the vaccine, knowing the minuscule risk of complications, to protect Life and their Country. Other heroes in this war on Covid should also be honored for their service.
Let us save our country and defeat Covid, this instrument of death, so that we may get back to living life and living it more abundantly. After our enemy is defeated, then we can discuss improving our democracy by replacing politicians who are not for Life (oppose vaccine or mask mandates, yet most of them are vaccinated.)

Carl Casale
Village of Pine Hills


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