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Couple tied to 29 stolen catalytic converters claim they needed money to feed children

Christopher Lynn Sanders
Christopher Lynn Sanders
Cheyanne Lee Williamson
Cheyanne Lee Williamson

A couple tied to 29 stolen catalytic converters claim they needed money to feed their children.

Cheyanne Lee Williamson, 29, and Christopher Sanders, 38, both of Eustis, are facing multiple criminal charges in connection with the theft of catalytic converters from recreational vehicles at RV Specialists in Fruitland Park.

The couple was originally arrested last month in a stolen pickup with catalytic converters concealed in the bed of the truck under a tarp. Subsequent interviews have connected them to the theft of catalytic converters in Fruitland Park, Marion County and Daytona Beach.

Fruitland Park police were notified on Nov. 16 that 14 catalytic converters were cut from RVs parked within the fenced-in portion of RV Specialists on U.S. Hwy. 27/441. The couple was arrested in the stolen truck on Nov. 27. A search warrant was obtained for the truck and 29 “freshly cut” catalytic converters were found. Also discovered were black face masks, latex gloves, head lamps, battery-powered Kobalt saws and two hatchets.

In separate interviews, Williamson and Sanders said they needed money to care for their five children. Sanders said he received payment for the catalytic converters via a a cash app on his phone.

Local law enforcement officials have been warning for months about thieves’ rising appetites for the precious metals contained in catalytic converters. A man living near the Village of Fenney was arrested in connection with the sale of stolen catalytic converters. A suspected catalytic converter thief was tasered in Lady Lake after a chase.

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