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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Response to Dr. Mirkin’s piece on dementia

To the Editor:

In the recent Villages-News.com commentary, Forgetfulness is not necessarily a warning of dementia, Dr. Gabe Mirkin talked about the “Alzheimer’s-associated gene called APOE4.”

Based on my personal experience, it is easy to get tested for this DNA gene.  We used the online service 23andMe.com, which was recommended by a UF-Health doctor during a lecture on Alzheimer’s. To get the report on the Alzheimer’s-associated gene, you need to purchase the “Health + Ancestry Service.”  They mail the kit to you to provide a sample of your saliva.  When you receive the extensive report on your DNA, look for “Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease.”

John Kastura
Village of Belvedere

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