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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Critical information consumption

To the Editor:

At the turn of the century, even up to 2004, the internet and all the cable channels were nowhere as numerous as today. There is a lot of talk about MSM – main stream media. But, todays MSM is actually NOT the old line newspapers like the New York Times or Time and Newsweek magazines or the old three original channels of NBC, CBS and ABC.
No, today’s MSM, where most people get their “news” are YouTube or Facebook or Instagram or SnapChat or even TikToc. Lots of choices. Lots of misinformation.
So, it is more important than ever to be a critical consumer of information or “news.”
If there is a video, who is behind the camera? How did the camera happen to be there to catch those actions? WHY was the camera there at just that time. Think of why would a video or news article like that be shown? Who might benefit from pushing out that information? Who wrote it or produced it and will they benefit from it financially or in some other way? And, most importantly, are you only consuming information or news you agree with? Do you ever look at the other side to see what is being said or do you question if you are on the right side of history or what is healthy and just and fair? Lots to think about.

Jack Stephens
Village of Sanibel

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