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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Suspension of commissioners proves you can’t go against the Developer

To the Editor:

I feel very sorry for the county commissioners suspended by the governor (without being convicted of anything.) It will cost them much to defend themselves in court, for doing what the majority of residents of Sumter County wanted, evident by the landslide victory they got, the Developer has won this victory with deep pockets (billionaire vs. normal retirees).
I hope they lose the fight but the people of Sumter County can’t match the financial backing the the developer has unless we unite at the election polls. The Developer will just continue to ignore the will of the people as long as it suits their increased profits. I am very disappointed in the governor in suspending the county commissioners (at the wishes of the Developer) when not required by law before being convicted.

Jack Hooven
Village of Summerhill


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