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Friday, August 12, 2022

County commissioners suspended prior to any conviction

To the Editor:

Like many other Villagers, I was disappointed by the Governor’s action to suspend two our our duly elected officials (Miller and Search, County Commissioners) after they were accused – not tried, not convicted – of perjury. If you are an American who cherishes our values you too should be upset about this overreach and interference, by Gov. DeSantis, in our local election.
Reed Panos’ recent article gives a superb explanation, with links to facts, about this issue. He is spot on in his analysis and description. I agree with all he has said – couldn’t have said it better.
Click here for Mr. Panos’ commentary:
All Sumter County citizens, regardless of party affiliation, should be concerned about this usurpation of our election results. I don’t think any of us should accept this type of abuse of power.

Diane Ruggiero
Village of Osceola Hills

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