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Monday, May 16, 2022

No more denial of Jan. 6 insurrection

To the Editor:

Many on these threads keep saying Jan. 6 was NOT an insurrection, it was peaceful Trump supporters visiting their capitol with peaceful protest about the election. Yet, there have now been over 700 indictments and arrests with another 200 or more pending. Many on these threads have boasted that none have been charged with insurrection or serious crimes.
Sixteen Oath Keepers members have been indicted and yesterday, one of the leaders and 10 more were charged with seditious conspiracy – a violent attempt to overthrow the US government by preventing the peaceful transfer of power and overturning an election. If convicted prison terms could be 20 years or more. The Oath Keeper leader had purchased $40,000 worth of guns, ammunition and weapons in the days leading up and following January 6. Perhaps, he does not know that a convicted felon cannot own or possess a gun. Many of these militia types that are planning violence and boast their guns cannot be taken will find that the primary reason for taking a gun is conviction as a felon. Lots of guns going to be lost in the coming months.

Jack Stephens
Village of Sanibel


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