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Brinson-Perry House in The Villages preserves memories of Old Florida lifestyle

Renovations of the Historic Brinson-Perry house in The Villages were celebrated last week with surviving family members of the original residents, Hampton Brinson and his wife Charlotte Brinson-Perry.

District Property Management recently completed an extensive renovation and preservation project on the Brinson-Perry house which included installation of a new metal roof, removal and replacement of damaged windows, replacement of damaged wood trim and siding, complete exterior paint and termite treatment. The historic Brinson-Perry Home, which is located within The Villages at the intersection of Buena Vista Boulevard and Bonita Boulevard, was originally constructed around 1887 and enhanced several times over the years. The Brinson-Perry house was originally located just east of Oxford. The reconstruction of County Road 466 to a four-lane urban facility pushed the road too close to the house. In order to preserve the historic Florida cracker-style structure and return it to its turn of the century appearance, the house was relocated in 2004, approximately four miles southeast to a visually prominent position where it sits today at 1253 Bonita Blvd.

Descendants paid a visit last week to the Brinson Perry House in The Villages
Descendants paid a visit last week to the Brinson-Perry House in The Villages.

Years ago, the Sumter County Historical Society traced the roots of the building back to 1854. In 1885, Hampton Brinson and his wife Charlotte (Perry) Brinson bought the land and built the home two years later. It remained in the family for generations until it was eventually sold to The Villages in 2002.

Visiting the Brinson-Perry home last week was 86-year-old William Louis Brinson whose Great-Great Uncle was Hampton Brinson. William Brinson’s father was born in Oxford in 1898 and the family moved to Wildwood when he was three years old. They lived on the Fruitland Park Road (now County Road 466A), three miles out of Wildwood. Their house was located on what is now the southeast corner of County Road 466A and Buena Vista Boulevard. As a teenager, Brinson’s father would go live with “Uncle Hamp” for several weeks in the summer and work on his farm. A rancher, Hampton Brinson was a fairly wealthy man, at least by the standards of that era.

George Perry acquired the Brinson-Perry house in 1920 along with 60 acres of land. Perry raised cattle and hogs, and grew corn and velvet beans. Over the years, Perry continually improved the property adding a barn, garage, and slaughter house. Both families were able to tour the inside of the house, which brought back many memories. Perry eventually owned several thousand acres in the vicinity of Oxford and served as county commissioner during the Great Depression.

Norma Bowles Great-Great Uncle was George Perry. She also visited the historic home last week. As a youth, She spent many days in the Brinson-Perry House and shared fond memories of her time spent visiting family. She said she remembers a very large oak table in the dining room, where they would spend meal and family time together.

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