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Biden in over his head

To the Editor:

President Biden’s goal with his rare press conference Wednesday was to increase his low polling numbers. His high post election numbers have dropped precipitously in one year to the point that Democrats are retiring in record numbers in anticipation of losing the House and the Senate in November. Some Democrats are changing party affiliation from democrat to Republican. They are desperately trying to force their leftist liberal agenda through this Congress, realizing that it will die a quick death when the congress changes hands in November.
President Biden failed miserably in his two-hour news conference. He looked and acted confused, tired and frankly old and became belligerent when reporters asked hard questions. He looked and acted like a man in over his head.
The major takeaway for me was his answer to the question of an imminent Russian invasion of the Ukraine. After stammering and and searching for an answer he, as president, should already have considered and determined, gave an answer that will delight President/dictator Putin. He said that if Putin makes a “minor” attack he would have to determine what to do. A “minor attack”? How does one measure the difference between a minor and major attack President Biden? Is this akin to being a little pregnant? I don’t think the Ukrainians will think any attack on their sovereignty will be minor President Biden. If your mother is knifed in a holdup and suffers a flesh wound, is this a “minor “ attack?
This kind of a aberrant and weak thinking from a president is a clear and present danger to the safety of our country.
Putin is right now thinking that he was given permission by President Biden to order a “minor” invasion of the Ukraine. He will argue that any level of invasion is “minor”!
You would have thought that the tragic debacle of President Biden’s mindless withdrawal from Afghanistan would have taught him a lesson but, it didn’t.
Our enemies in communist China, Iran, North Korea and Russia are licking their collective chops as wolves looking at lambs, as they see this kind of abject weakness in our country’s top leadership. Our future just became more perilous on the world stage.
President Biden’s handlers were afraid of what happened at that lectern today as their worst fears were realized.
President Biden proved once again that he’s simply over his head in this high office.

Larry Moran
Village Mallory Square

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