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LWV responds to editorial in The Villages Daily Sun

To the Editor:

The Sunday, Jan. 23 edition of The Villages Daily Sun ran an editorial alleging a measure placed on the 2022 ballot will limit voting rights. This statement refers to the effort to repeal “One Sumter.” The League of Women Voters would be vehemently opposed to voter suppression efforts, but that’s not what this is. Sumter County voters will be given an opportunity to vote on repeal of “One Sumter” which opens the possibility of a return to the election of county commissioners by only the voters in their geographic district. In 2004, before many Villagers moved to the area, voters approved this measure which allows all voters in the county to vote for all county commissioners despite where they live. It was championed by The Villages Developer as it was initially passed to ensure the county’s greatest population center (The Villages) would have more influence in electing those representatives to the county commission. As a resident of The Villages, I don’t pretend to know the issues that will impact the voters in the south Sumter communities of Webster, Bushnell, etc., however One Sumter gives me and all county residents the right to vote on their representative to the commission. If this concept is such a good idea, why aren’t our state legislators elected by all Florida voters? Would our local elected officials sent to Tallahassee be as likely to represent our Sumter County issues if they also had to answer to voters in Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, etc.? The League of Women Voters supports the repeal of “One Sumter” and the return to elections by the people who live in the district of the representative running for election. Let’s return to true representative government.

Gail Formanack, co-president
League of Women Voters -The Villages/Tri-County Area



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