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McDonald’s restaurant to be built across from shopping plaza in The Villages

A new McDonald’s restaurant will be built across from a shopping plaza in The Villages.

The new fast-food restaurant will be located off State Road 44 next to Sparr Building and Farm Supply in Wildwood, across from Grand Traverse Plaza. The address of the 4,444-square-foot restaurant will be 6006 Signature Road. It will be built on 1.187 acres. The McDonald’s restaurant will include a drive-through lane.

This map shows the location of the new McDonalds restaurant
This map shows the location of the new McDonald’s restaurant.

The developer of the project is the McDonald’s Atlanta Regional Office. The civil engineer is Integrity Engineering & Development Services of Dacula, Ga.

The new McDonalds restaurant will include a drive through lane

Another new McDonald’s restaurant is being built at Magnolia Plaza in The Villages, south of State Road 44. The McDonald’s on U.S. Hwy. 27/441 in Lady Lake is undergoing an interior renovation aimed at automating the ordering process.

Despite the pandemic, McDonalds has continued to expand its global footprint. It is planning to open more than 1,800 restaurants globally in 2022, which includes 500 openings in the United States. The company continues to roll out mobile orders and paying with new curbside check-in options. In addition, McDonald’s has reached new long-term partnerships with Uber Eats and DoorDash as the delivery market continues to expand.

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