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Bail bondsman surrenders wanted woman at McDonald’s in The Villages

Jessie Lynn Parker
Jessie Lynn Parker

A bail bondsman surrendered a wanted woman at a McDonald’s restaurant in The Villages.

A representative of Bob’s 24 Hour Bail Bond surrendered 27-year-old Jessie Lynn Parker to Sumter County sheriff’s deputies at 11:30 p.m. Monday at the McDonald’s restaurant at Colony Plaza. She was wanted on warrants charging her with failure to appear. She was booked at the Sumter County Detention Center on $4,000 bond.

Parker, who was identified in the arrest report as a server at Beef O’Brady’s restaurant at Southern Trace Plaza in The Villages, had been arrested March 6 when she was a passenger in a black Ford Mustang driven by her on-again off-gain boyfriend, 29-year-old Chase Allen Strong of Fruitland Park. During a traffic stop, Parker refused to reveal her name or date of birth. A Rapid ID scanner was used to scan Parker’s fingerprints to determine her true identity.

Strong had a Sig Sauer M400 assault rifle with a scope in the Mustang. In addition, an Orchid Defense assault rifle was discovered in the car.  Strong had a total of 404 rounds of ammunition in the vehicle. A judge previously had issued an order forbidding Strong from having contact with Parker after an altercation at his home.

A Lake County judge granted a motion March 28 to allow Parker and Strong to resume “peaceful contact” with each other. He was released from jail the same day.

Parker had been arrested in April 2021 after violating a no contact order by paying an early morning visit to Strong’s home. Criminal charges in that case were eventually dropped.

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