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Thursday, June 23, 2022

Florida has the dumbest governor ever

To the Editor:

Florida has the dumbest governor ever. He wants to revoke a law that was granted years ago that helped create Disney World. In my opinion, Disney should publicly tell the governor, “OK, you want to do revoke that law, we will shut Disney World down, completely.”
Can you imagine the implication to Florida’s economy? Disney alone employs over 62,000 people. That’s not counting all the hotels, restaurants, bars and countless other businesses that tag along on the mouse’s coat tails. It would amount to political suicide for the governor and all who helped him.
Florida’s idiot governor along with all the Republicans in the senate have not thought of the consequences. If Disney did close Disney World, Orlando and the surrounding area would become a economic ghost town.
Another factor that the governor has not thought about is, Disney World sits in two Florida counties, Orange and Osceola. Both counties would have to spend millions to accommodate Disney World’s ongoing requests for everything from maintenance to road building, to reconstruction, etc.
State Rep. Randy Fine filed a bill on Tuesday to end only SIX of 1,844 special districts in Florida next year, including the Reedy Creek Improvement District. One of those special districts is The Villages. Guess which special district the governor would not abolish? This is purely a political retaliation against Disney, pure and simple.

Bruce Kanvin
Village of Hemingway


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