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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Villagers got away with voting twice

To the Editor:

Recently, the news reported that two men from The Villages voted twice in the 2020 election. The paper stated, “They may avoid further by doing community service and attending an adult civic class.” Really? This is a felony. It doesn’t matter what political party you associate with, voting twice is wrong.
It is cheating. Is this what we want our ” Friendliness Town” to be known? This is an embarrassment to our community. Is this what we want to teach our grandchildren? That it’s ok to cheat in order to try to win? Come on people, where are your morals?
If the gentlemen (liars) are guilty, is community work enough punishment? Is this light “punishment” setting the stage for more injustice and no meaningful consequences? Voting is an honor and a privilege. We are fortunate enough to have this luxury in the United States. If someone abuses this privilege, they should lose their voting rights.
on folks, we are better than this. Can we just be AMERICANS, and do the right thing? Did we lose our common sense? These men are WRONG and should be punished appropriately, and should NOT be the face of our community. Let’s do better for our children and grandchildren.

Mary Ann Dawson
Village of Hacienda East



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