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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Climate change and the U.S. military

To the Editor:

The Associated Press recently reported that climate change is damaging military bases in the Arctic. The story highlights the billions of dollars in damage caused by natural disasters to air force bases, operations and other US military installations in recent years. It also noted that “the U.S. military long has formally recognized climate change as a threat to national security.”
Proudly having six family members currently serving in the US military, I think a lot about their safety and our national security. I wonder why not address the cause of climate change, rather than paying for the increasingly expensive losses after the natural disasters happen.
Emissions from burning fossil fuels is well-known to be the main cause of our more unstable climate. To fairly account for the associated risk and costs to property, life, health and security, the price must finally be incorporated into the product itself. Tax fossil fuel companies based on their products’ carbon emissions, and then return the revenue to citizens in “carbon cashback” rebates. These monthly payments would help people pay for higher prices and eventually help switch to clean energy products.
Many of our Congress members have strong military backgrounds, and I’m grateful that some of my nieces and nephews are bravely following in their footsteps. Join me in asking Congress for climate action, including supporting the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. Protect our military operations around the world and national security from the ever-increasing impacts of climate change.

Jill Mitchler
Appleton, Wisconsin


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