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Friday, June 24, 2022

Letters to the Editor have my hair on fire!

To the Editor:

After reading the latest two letters (one bashing DeSantis and one exonerating Biden) my hair (what’s left of it) caught fire. Florida was within 2 points of electing the Democrat who ran against DeSantis. How would that have worked out? Biden “got elected.” How has that worked out? Bless Biden’s heart. He means well (I think), but he has messed us up royally. If he manages to write off the Student Loan debt, he will buy their votes, but lose every poor schmuck’s vote who had to work because they couldn’t afford to go to college. The reason a number of people went to college was they were estimated to earn $500,000 – $1 million more in their lifetime than the great unwashed would earn. C’mon man, pay your debt and give the working stiffs a break.

Dick Jones
Village of Pennecamp


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