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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Renters can ruin a retirement community

To the Editor:

I just moved to The Villages after living in a resort community in South Florida for over 60 years. I watched the developers build hotels and high rise rental complexes as fast as they could construct them. Who profited? The builders and city commissioners. The longtime residences suffered higher traffic and crime. Renters do not have an investment in the town so really don’t care about the community’s welfare. They are transient so can move elsewhere if and when they want. The infrastructure suffered because of the huge increase of population. The sewage and water pipes were breaking all over the town. People needed to boil water frequently. Crime rose considerately. Traffic and parking were unbearable. I know The Villages Developer is doing a magnificent job in creating the beautiful community and probably never lived in an area that was destroyed by construction of too many rental facilities.
If the country was run as well as The Villages, we would be much better off. I pray that our Developer will continue to maintain the best interests of the residents who have already made a considerable investment  in what is now a little paradise. We do NOT need more rental properties in The Villages. Trust me.

Sharron Hadley
Village of Sunset Ridge


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