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Friday, June 24, 2022

Fast-food restaurant and retail coming to Sparr property across from Brownwood

A fast-food restaurant with a drive-through lane and small retail stores are planned on a 15-acre site in the Sparr Building and Farm Supply parking lot at the corner of State Road 44 and Signature Drive, across from Powell Road.

Special Magistrate Lindsay C.T. Holt recommended approval of an amendment to a planned development agreement allowing those businesses at a meeting Tuesday of the Wildwood Planning and Zoning Board.

The City Commission likely will take action on the amendment later this month.

The dotted lines show the area where the development would take place
The dotted lines show the area where the development would take place.

The owner, listed as SPRH Wildwood Holdings, is required to finance a 405-foot eastbound right-turn lane from SR 44 to Signature Drive. Improvements to the project driveway also are needed, according to a recent traffic analysis.

Proposed in 2019, the Sparr project calls for development of 354,578 square feet of industrial space, such as warehousing and storage, as well as 76,230 square feet of commercial space.

The project would be developed in three phases, according to a development agreement with the city.

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